Day Trading Stocks Introduction

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Stock Market Day Trade Introduction


1 week

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15-hour online (Zoom) sessions.

Know and understand how the trading plan should be executed correctly




Progressive training program typically consists of 2 phases (theoretical and practical) for students to learn, quickly but correctly, to execute the strategy and acquire the operational, tactical and psychological skills necessary to become a consistent and profitable day trader. Training is provided by experienced traders on weekdays.

Stock Market Day Trade Introduction – Theory

MARKET: Mainly focused on the NASDAQ and technology stocks only

DURATION: 1 week

COST: $750 – Includes desk fee and training pack

LOCATION: Remote (Zoom) – 5 people or less

OBJECTIVE: Know and understand how the trading plan should be executed correctly

PRE-REQUISITES: Basic understanding of the stock market. Computer with high speed internet connection

This course consists of a 15-hour online (Zoom) sessions, where the strategy that is executed is detailed and the necessary knowledge and tools are given so that the trainee knows how to face the live market and can overcome the five key barriers to become a consistent trader: Theoretical , Operational, Tactical, Strategic and Psychological.

Theoretical: At first, trainees begin to operate unaware of what a stock market looks like and works. Not knowing who participates in it. Not knowing why the price moves the way it moves. And above all and more alarming, not knowing that Level 2 and time / sales exist. Without this information it is impossible to correctly read what is happening in the market and, therefore, adequately assess the risks or opportunities it offers.

Trading: To operate you need to familiarise yourself with the platform. Know what types of order exist, and know how to configure and handle them with agility. It is not really necessary to use the keyboard as a pianist would with his instrument, but it is important to know how to place and remove orders in an agile and fast way, since in day trading opportunities can appear and disappear in a matter of tenths of seconds.

Tactical: When trainees enter the market, they do not know exactly why they entered, nor have they correctly calibrated at what price they entered, nor have they acquired the appropriate amount of shares. And they do not clearly know what they are going to do if things go well, or especially what they are going to do if things go wrong. On the other hand, operating correctly implies being very clear about what to do and how to do it in order to operate in an almost intuitive way.

Strategic: It is essential to have a winning strategy to learn in an agile and fast way. For this reason, trainees are taught the strategy used by all members from the beginning. The set of rules are shown not only to operate them correctly but also how to choose the stocks and how to apply these rules. One of the most frequent mistakes of the trainees is to know which stocks to watch, and if they choose the right stocks, they also have a hard time choosing the best trade to execute while constantly having to deal with difficult situations. On the other hand, by choosing well, the management of the operation is greatly facilitated.

Psychological: It is known that a high percentage of success to become a trader consists of knowing how to correctly manage emotions since decisions must frequently be made while outside of the comfort zone. It is impossible to win if you have not taken a certain risk before. And when you take a chance, you are closer to failing. What is important, is knowing how to operate in these conditions and prevent anger, doubt, frustration, fear or despair from operating for you.

In short, this course is aimed at students who would like to be operating in a live account and in real world conditions. We call it “theoretical” only because during the duration of the course no live trades will be executed ny the trainees. However these are always live classes taught by tutors with years of experience as professional day traders.

Although we receive interested parties from different fields, with experience, without experience, different strategies and products, etc. It is very important to understand and assimilate the strategy we use from the beginning, and to “remove” any vices and beliefs that they bring from other courses, strategies or traded products. For this reason, we “force” everyone who wants to enter the continuous learning wheel and community of traders to take this theoretical course, which, being practically personalized, we adapt it to the moment and level of the student, focusing on the needs and deficiencies of each one.

Once the course is finished, students can continue training in, or start trading by themselves, since at the end of 15 hours they have a winning trading plan validated by years of experience, detailed enough and suitable to be executed from the first day.